Tax Consulting

AH Accountants delivers tax consultancy as well which shall enable your business to organize its finances, minimize tax liability, and reduce the stress associated with it. Our competent consultants engage themselves to study and understand the current Income tax issues faced by the business sector of Ireland in order to deliver exceptional consultancy services to our clients.

We will help you understand your business’s tax liabilities, so you are able to reinvest funds that would otherwise have been earmarked for tax back into your business. Our consultants  will discuss and recommend you whether the structure of the business needs to change; or you need to find new investment options and decide how best to structure those investments. Moreover, we provide an extensive range of services like:

  • Corporation Tax
    • Income Tax
    • Relevant Contracts Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Capital Acquisitions Tax
    • Deposit Interest Retention Tax
    • Withholding Taxes
    • Vehicle Registration Tax
    • PAYE
    • Stamp Duty
    • Value Added Tax
    • Customs and Excise Duties