Tax Consulting

Tax consultancy is one of our strengths, as our skilled team has expertise in taxation advisory services. Our consultants at AH Accountants, frequently engage themselves to study and understand the current Income tax issues faced by the business sector of Pakistan, so that they can expertly deliver consultancy services to our clients. We offer consultancy that will help you reduce your tax liability and also, liberate you a great deal of stress. Furthermore, we provide an extensive range of services from the fulfillment of tax returns under the self-assessment system to complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning.

Our team critically studies the tax laws and regulations in order to deliver top-class consulting services hence, prepares and reviews your company’s tax returns. We shall help you eliminate unnecessary stress and uncertainty through our consultancy service, by knowing just what your business’s tax liability will be and help you make business decisions. AH Accountants tax consultants are able to analyze and optimize the tax framing of financial products and services as well as identification of tax contingencies, risks and opportunities. Thus, our tax consultancy includes major headings like:

  • Corporation Tax
    • Income Tax
    • Relevant Contracts Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Capital Acquisitions Tax
    • Deposit Interest Retention Tax
    • Withholding Taxes
    • Vehicle Registration Tax
    • PAYE
    • Stamp Duty
    • Value Added Tax
    • Customs and Excise Duties