How to Register Liaison Office in Pakistan


Liaison Office is established by a foreign company for the promotions of their products, provision of the technical advice and assistance, exploring the possibility of joint collaboration and their export promotion. But they canโ€™t undertake commercial and trading activities.

This definition of liaison office is defined by board of investment in Pakistan thatโ€™s who registered the branch and Liaison office in Pakistan. Established a Liaison office for a period of One to Five years after this time period they can renew the procedures according to the rules and regulations.

It is must for established a liaison office you have principal officer who manage your business operation. There is no restriction on their National identity. He can        be a foreigner but his presence in Pakistan may require.

Documents required for company who want to register liaison office in Pakistan:

  • Application Form ( duly filled in and signed with stamp)
  • Registration certificate duly attested by Pakistan embassy
  • Memorandum of association duly attested by Embassy of Pakistan
  • Article of association duly attested by Pakistan Embassy
  • Profile of a company
  • Board of Resolution
  • CV of a designated person authorized on behalf of a company to established branch in Pakistan.

Note (One original set and five copies required of all above documents)

If Memorandum /Article of a company is in other then country Official language then it must be translated and notarized and attested by the embassy of Pakistan.

Fee structure:

          3000/2000 US $ for liaison office respectively for entail period of one year. 1500 United State Dollar for sub office of branch office and one thousand US DOLLAR for sub office of liaison Office.

This amount shell be deposited in the board of Investment account being maintained with National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, civic center, Islamabad. Detail of account are below

  1. Title of account : Board of Investment
  2. PLS Account no. 44991-2
  3. Branch Code โ€“ 0341
  4. Swift code NBPAPKKA021
  5. IBAN_ PK07NBPA0341003035205436

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