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Persons who claim Basic State Pension if,

  • Man born before 6-April-1951
  • Woman born before 6-April-1953

Any person who claim Basic State Pension which is 129.20/week must have paid National Insurance contributions.

Increased in Basic State Pension:

Basic State Pension increased every year by whichever is the higher below;

  • Increased in average percentage growth in wages (Earnings)
  • Increased in average percentage growth in prices as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Increase 2.5% in Basic State Pension

Get Full Basic State Pension:

Any person who want to get full Basic State Pension they must have to complete 30 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions or credits.

  • Working and Paying National Insurance Contributions
  • Getting National Insurance Credits for Seeking job(unemployment), sickness or as a parent of carer.
  • Paying Voluntary Insurance Contribution

If you didn’t complete your 30 qualifying years or you have fewer than 30 qualifying years then your Basic State Pension will be less than 129.20/week.

Married and Civil Partnership:

If Any person not eligible for Basic State Pension or net getting full amount of Basic State Pension, you might get 77.45/week from your spouse or civil partners National Insurance Contributions.

You can get 77.45/week if you or your partner reached State Pensions Age;

  • Your spouse or civil partner reached state pension age before 6-April-2016 and qualifies some or full Basic State pension, even if they are not claimed it
  • After 6-April-2016 has at least one qualifying year of National Insurance Contribution or credit from before 6-April-2016, even if they do not qualify or claimed any new state pension
  • If you are a woman and your spouse or civil partner born before 6-April-1950 then you’ll get only “top-up” which is 77.45/week
  • You’ll get Additional State Pension or Graduated Retirement benefit based on your own National Insurance Contributions in addition to the “top-up”

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