VAT Services

At AH Accountants, VAT (value-added tax) consultants have significant expertise in undertaking VAT accounting procedure reviews to insure that your company meets VAT compliance requirement as per directed in UAE’s legislation. Our professionals are able to provide accurate VAT services that have been implemented since, 1st of January 2018.

Since, VAT is a consumption tax so the revenue generated is constant. In comparison with other indirect taxes, VAT is easy to manage. VAT minimizes avoidance due to the catch-up effect. VAT also helps generate huge amounts of revenue on a low tax rate. The consumers bare minimum burden because the VAT is collected in small installments. VAT is a form of a neutral tax, which means that it can be imposed on any type of business. Thus, our team helps you gain all the above mentioned advantages of VAT through our services.

In order to successfully create a tax system which shall work for your organization; our team at AH Accountants delivers the following:
• we provide custom made innovative tax solutions and services.
• We share information, skills and knowledge about the regulatory, economic and business environment so that we can offer VAT consultancy to help you with proper operation and compliance.
• We adopt a flexible working approach, so that our clients are satisfied with us. Also, we make sure to increase your business operations