Financial Audit

Auditors at AH Accountants UAE, ensure that your company is complaint with the set of required laws, regulations, and accounting standards. As we know that UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world therefore, it becomes mandatory for all organizations to prepare themselves for audit reporting. In many cases, if the audit of financial statements exposes irregularities that are hard to analyze, our skilled team ensures correction by other methods. But first, if we are able to detect errors in your accounting books, then our auditors helps and allows you to see if the financial strategy of the company is being carried out according to plan or not. And if itโ€™s not, our team indicates the weak points and areas that require action. Thus, as a result, planning and budgeting will become easier and more accurate. Our auditors also calculate the effectiveness of internal control systems and recommends changes to eradicate any weaknesses.

Our professionals work auditing and assurance by setting a realistic business objective that supervises and monitors control system as well as detect hindrances in the process, then identifying risks by assessing and evaluating your companyโ€™s financial reports to see if there is any improper data as well as identifying risk factors associated with them, after that we deliver our services to boost credit rating and valuation which shall depict favorable audit report for your business enhancing goodwill which portrays a clear financial position to the stakeholders and finally, we conduct an overall assessment in order to figure out strengths and weaknesses of your company and give you a comprehensive information of the internal activities.