Accounting & Advisory

The accountants of AH Accountants have the expertise needed to navigate these evolving financial priorities. Our approach, process and diligence are second to none. Whether it is dealing with the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (โ€œIFRSโ€) or providing counsel for CEOs, CFOs, senior executives and business owners, we maintain independence and endeavor to add value to every service we provide… Read more

Accounting & Bookkeeping

AH Accountants is an independent Bookkeeping firm, providing Bookkeeping and Accounting services for small and medium size companies.

Your own dedicated Accountant, on-site or off-site.
โ€ข Off-site Accounting services- we manage your accounting from our office
โ€ข On-site Accounting services- a qualified accountant working at your office… Read more

Compliance & Accounting

In the accounting review, we review your financial and accounting records and compliances on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Our team of professional accountants reviews the accounting records to ensure that the same are compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards and are also meeting all the statutory requirements. Companies require accurate and real โ€“ time financial information for decision… Read more

Financial Audit

Audit and assurance is a key to sustaining confidence in your company and its financial system. It is a valuable process that can identify which areas of your business need strengthening as well as uncover the untapped opportunities.

Our audit professionals are trained to find these opportunities and help you put them to work to make your business … Read more

Internal Audit Outsourcing

The primary purpose of an internal audit is to appraise the design of, effectiveness of, and adherence to internal control policies and procedures and to assess the firmโ€™s quality of performance.

The internal auditor ensures that any risk to the business is addressed and verifies that the firmโ€™s goals and objectives are met efficiently …. Read more

VAT Services

In order to promote diversification, governments across the GCC region have introduced various initiatives to reduce the dependency on oil generated incomes and further stabilize the economy.

As part of the stabilization strategy, several regulatory laws were introduced, with the recent one being the introduction of Value-Added Tax (VAT), which will be implemented from 1 Jan…. Read more

IFRS Reporting

As the world moves towards global accounting standards, many companies must deal with the issues raised by the need to convert their financial reporting systems to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The complexities of converting to IFRS pose a considerable drain on time and resources for any financial department, requiring potentially hundreds of hours of work to dealย  … Read more