Federal Tax Authority(FTA) of UAE has introduced the eServices section on their website. Businesses who want to register for VAT need to create an account on FTA`s website before filling up the online registration form.

Creation of account on the FTA website:

  1. Open FTA`s website (https://eservices.tax.gov.ae/en-us/signup)
  2. Click on signup button that will be on the top right corner of the website page.
  3. For signing up on the FTA website you need an active email ID
  4. Create a unique password that must contain (number, letter, and a special character)
  5. After this enter the alphanumeric code to verify that you are a genuine user.
  6. Set up the security question and select the answer
  7. After this read the term and conditions and tick the box
  8. After completing this form click on sign up button.
  9. FTA will send you an email on to your email ID for confirmation. Please open your email ID and click on the link to confirm the ID.
  10. You must verify the email within 24 hours otherwise the link will expire and you have to complete this process again to get a new link.

VAT registration Procedure:

After the completion of the verification process.

Open FTA`s website(https://eservices.tax.gov.ae/en-us/signup)

  1. Click on login button that will be right next to sign up button.
  2. Enter your registered email ID and the password that is set by you and click on the login button
  3. After login, there will be to buttons on the screen on is for VAT registration and the other one is for the excise Click on registration for VAT
  4. On this page, FTA designed VAT complete guide to help the user to understand the importance of VAT and registration process. It is recommended by FTA that each individual should read it all before proceeding further.
  5. After reading the guidelines tick the box and click on submit.
  6. Fill up the personal details (Name, Address, Contact details)
  7. Complete the bank details form.
  8. Complete the business details.
  9. Complete the VAT requirement form.
  10. Complete the declaration form.
  11. Review the form and submit it for approval.

Track down the VAT registration Application:

An individual can track down the application by login to the website and click on the dashboard tab. Application status will be mentioned there.

Drafted Not completed and submitted
Pending Under processing or waiting for pending information from individual
Issued Tax Identification Number Issued but VAT registration is still pending
Suspended Registration for VAT is suspended
Rejected Application for VAT registration has been rejected by FTA
Approved Application for VAT registration has been accepted by FTA. Tax registration number issued

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