Internal Audit

Delivering internal audit excellence

Globalization and technology are todayโ€™s core business drivers, with the potential to send unprecedented risks cascading across your enterprise โ€“ or propel you toward unprecedented opportunity. Our Internal Audit team helps you unlock these risks and turn them into a catalyst for growth, so you can step ahead of uncertainty.

We can help you in the following situations:

โ€ข Youโ€˜re concerned that your internal audit function canโ€˜t keep up with the changing risks facing your business.

โ€ข You find it difficult to recruit and retain internal audit professionals in all of your key skill areas.

โ€ข You need to supplement your in-house internal audit function with specialist skills.

โ€ข Your internal audit function has insufficient resources to cover the geographic scope of your organization.

โ€ข Your organization considers internal audit to be a non-core activity so you want to find an external provider.

โ€ข You need to assess the effectiveness of your risk management, internal audit, and corporate governance procedures.