The first step in incorporating a company is โ€œcheck availability for proposed business nameโ€. For this you have to apply name availability/name reservation with SECP from online portal after personal account registration on official site of SECP or in a prescribed form. If approved, name will be reserved for not more than 60 days. While considering the names, also consider that the name:

should not contains words notified by the Commission;

  • is not inappropriate or deceptive
  • is not designed to offend the religious sentiments of the people
  • is not a name identical with the name of the company already registered and does not closely resemble with the name of the company already registered

On second step, prepare a memorandum of association (hereinafter referred to as MOA) of the business. MOA is the introduction of the company i.e. what the company is, what is it for, where it will be and what shall be liabilities of the companyโ€™s members. It also states the amount of authorized and paid up capital in addition to information of numbers of shares subscribed by each subscriber.

Third step is to prepare Articles of Association of the company i.e. the bye laws of the company, subordinate to the constitution and further subordinate to the Act.

Fourth step is filing the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association with the registrar to apply for the incorporation certificate of the proposed business.

Sample of incorporation certificate is mentioned below:


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