Audit and assurance

We are informed of how important it audit and assurance in sustaining firmness for your business and its financial system. Therefore, we shall help you in strengthening your business and creating opportunities for you. Our professional auditors are very-well trained in their stream of work to make your business stronger. We are compliant with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). Our experienced team of certified auditors help AH Accountants the most preferred accounting firm in Ireland.

Since, our company governs and maintains the Irelandโ€™s accounting procedures in accordance to the internationally practiced accounting standards constituted by the IFRS. We make sure that we generate for you, financial accounting and reporting information in a reliable format that is universally accepted. We ensure to help you build up a reputation for your business as we give solid suggestions regarding how to improve your business. Also, we help you detect and prevent many forms of fraud and other accounting irregularities.